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As a school-based SLP, I know that it can be hard getting staff buy-in, juggling multiple campuses, and managing your caseload. I hope these free resources can be helpful to you!


Updated AAC Resource Round-Up (12 pages!)

Updated in 2023, this 12 page resource round-up provides you with TONS of incredible education and resources from all over the internet!

AAC Home-Use Agreement

Formalize the home-use of your AAC technology with parents for a clear understanding of expectations and guidelines.

Christmas Core Boards

Download my free Christmas Core Board to take to all your holiday events!

AAC Handbook Sample Page

Get a free sample page of my new AAC Handbook. Download the “Knowns (and unknowns) of AAC & Gestalt Language Processing” page.

Beginning of the Year AAC Checklist

The PERFECT checklist to make sure you’ve crossed all the “Ts” and dotted all the “Is” when it comes to AAC!

30 Day AAC Challenge Tracker

A printable implementation tracker to motivate and keep track of your progress

AAC Teletherapy Checklist

A two-page checklist for both parents and therapist to ensure your first AAC teletherapy sessions go off without a hitch! Send a copy to the parents of your student.

AAC At Home

If you need a little help with modeling AAC at home, look no further. I’m giving you a printable menu with idea on how to model AAC at home in just 5-7 minutes a day.

AAC Resource Round-Up

Skip the hassle of scouring through countless websites, videos, and downloads just to find a competent AAC resource. I’m giving you my go-to resources when it comes to AAC. 

Popular Books by Core Word

Your students will LOVE the engaging and fun stories by Usborne Books & More and you’ll love using the power of story to target core vocabulary. That’s what we call a win-win!

AAC In-Class Support Checklist

My AAC In-Class Support Checklist will help you gather support, build raport, and achieve success before you ever step foot in a classroom.

Lamp At-A-Glance

Visualize the features of LAMP and start making more informed decisions when it comes to AAC and your caseload.

TouchChat At-A-Glance

Visualize the features of TouchChat WordPower 60 and start making more informed decisions when it comes to AAC and your caseload.

Snap+Core First At-A-Glance

This printable companion will help you be well on your way to being an AAC expert. Get to know Snap + Core First fast and easy!

Popular Books by Speech Sound

Usborne Books & More offers high quality books with impactful and fun stories. Reach your student’s goals by using this resource guide to target specific sounds!