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As a school-based SLP, I know that it can be hard getting staff buy-in, juggling multiple campuses, and managing your caseload. I hope these free resources can be helpful to you!


AAC Teletherapy Resource Round-Up

An updated resource of my most popular freebie! I’ve put together all of my favorite resources in one place!

30 Day AAC Challenge Tracker

A printable implementation tracker to motivate and keep track of your progress

AAC Teletherapy Checklist

A two-page checklist for both parents and therapist to ensure your first AAC teletherapy sessions go off without a hitch! Send a copy to the parents of your student.

AAC At Home

If you need a little help with modeling AAC at home, look no further. I’m giving you a printable menu with idea on how to model AAC at home in just 5-7 minutes a day.

AAC Resource Round-Up

Skip the hassle of scouring through countless websites, videos, and downloads just to find a competent AAC resource. I’m giving you my go-to resources when it comes to AAC. 

Popular Books by Core Word

Your students will LOVE the engaging and fun stories by Usborne Books & More and you’ll love using the power of story to target core vocabulary. That’s what we call a win-win!

AAC In-Class Support Checklist

My AAC In-Class Support Checklist will help you gather support, build raport, and achieve success before you ever step foot in a classroom.

Lamp At-A-Glance

Visualize the features of LAMP and start making more informed decisions when it comes to AAC and your caseload.

TouchChat At-A-Glance

Visualize the features of TouchChat WordPower 60 and start making more informed decisions when it comes to AAC and your caseload.

Snap+Core First At-A-Glance

This printable companion will help you be well on your way to being an AAC expert. Get to know Snap + Core First fast and easy!

Popular Books by Speech Sound

Usborne Books & More offers high quality books with impactful and fun stories. Reach your student’s goals by using this resource guide to target specific sounds!